Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Download Free Espier Launcher 7 HD Pro v1.0.0

Espier Launcher 7 HD Pro v1.0.0
Download Espier Launcher 7 HD Pro v1.0.0 Free []
Download Espier Launcher 7 HD Pro v1.0.0 New []

Espier Launcher 7 HD is the very flat-style edition of the very best & the most famous style home screen appliion (Espier Launcher) for Tablets. In this relse, you can experience the very perfect Android implementation of the 's flat style font, design, pursuit page, & movements. Right away, you can feel the straightforwardness on your Android devices!



1. Totally Flat-style - It brings the clarity to the entire experience:

* Perfect execution of flat style home screen effects & functions.

* Prefect even style movements.

* Dynamic clock and schedule symbols.

* Dynamic shade of the titles and the pointers dependent upon the shade of wallpaper.

2. A very perfect combination of most butiful flat style & the very modern Android ftures:

* Flawless widget are support; You can have the multiple widget pages (up to 8).

* Complete the shortcuts management.

Require 2.2 and Up & File Size 4.7mb

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