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PopCork! Current Version:

Requires Android: 2.1 and up

egory: Arcade

v1.1.1.1 update:

What’s new in Version 1.1.1

Updated the billing module.


PopCork is an entertaining Japanese festival game that challenges your shooting accuracy. Win prizes by shooting them off the cart!

PopCork! takes advantage of the built-in accelerometer. Move your device in any direction to adjust your aim. You can also use the sliding zoom controls to shorten your range!

Game-play is very simple: The ever popular ’Kuma the Br’ runs this attraction, so simply give him one of your coins and he will give you 5 corks. Take aim with your gun and shoot the prizes with your corks! Use your aim estimate cork trajectory in order to knock down the prizes! It takes a stdy hand to win the prizes, but with enough practice, you’ll soon get the knack of it!

There are over 100 kinds of Japanese prizes you can win! As you level up, new prizes will be unlocked. Win all sorts of interesting prizes and build up your collection.

At the beginning, you’ll start out with an ordinary gun and standard corks. As you collect prizes, you’ll also amass more points, which can be used to upgrade your gun and corks. Your rifle can be upgraded to special guns such as shotgun, laser, and bazooka! These special guns can knock down even more items than your standard cork gun.

Bonus fture! 360 degree view of the prizes you have won!

Random challenges are also part of the game! Shoot at rare prizes that appr in a special hidden zone! Conquer random enemies in timed quests!

Collect all the prizes and become the sharpshooter!

≪PopCork! main ftures≫

◆ Accelerometer enabled, rlistic target practice

◆As for aiming the gun, you can reverse the direction on the X and Y-axis. Choose whichever way you like to win your prizes!

◆There is also a “Laying down mode” so you can play while in bed!

◆ Special rare prizes, the challenge of the quest to deft bosses!

◆ It’s so fun to get rare wpons, especially with the bazooka!

◆ The sound effects are amazing! You can actually hr the cork hitting the prize, sounds of the game machine, and even the festival background music!

≪How to play≫

1:Receive five corks(Cost: one coin)

2:Collect rare Japanese prizes!

3:Use your points to upgrade your Rifle

≪Special wpon info≫

ch wpon has different capabilities!

◆Shotgun: Shoot many small corks! A grt chance to hit many prizes at once!

◆Laser: Knock down hvy objects with se using the strength of laser power!

◆Bazooka: A very rare wpon that blasts prizes off the cart!

≪PopCork Basics≫

◆Cork and Gun Upgrades:

There are three levels of guns and corks. When you have enough points, make sure to upgrade!

The benefit of upgrading your gun or corks is that you can knock down hvier prizes much sier.

After upgrading, knocking down the special zone prizes is much sier.

◆Some objects are hvy, yet they have a sweet spot.

For example, the piggy bank seems hard to knock down at first, but if you aim towards the legs, it will sily fall!

◆How to use the Shotgun

You might find some prizes are very hard to knock down. In that case, you should try using the shotgun!

When using the shotgun, swipe to zoom in at the prize you want and fire away!

The power of the blast should make it much sier to win the prize.

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