Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Download [] LINE Party Run 1.0.8 Mod Apk (Unlimited)Free

LINE Party Run 1.0.8 Mod Apk (Unlimited)
Download LINE Party Run 1.0.8 Mod Apk (Unlimited) Free []
Download LINE Party Run 1.0.8 Mod Apk (Unlimited) New []

LINE Party Run 1.0.8 Mod Apk (Unlimited)

The LINE Character All-Stars are dressed up and rdy for action! They’re out to take back the trsure stolen by the Boss. You and your friends will have countless hours of fun competing for the top score, just like at a rl party! “LINE Party Run” is the wacky RPG-esque game of tag that everyone’s talking about!

■This trsure scramble free-for-all ftures all your favorite LINE Characters.

The prize for winning this madness is more silver, gold, and jewels than you could ever imagine. Party Run is a trsure snatching game the likes of which have never been seen, and it’s here now on LINE. Brown, Cony, Moon, James are all chomping at the bit, rdy to fight for their cut of the trsure.

What’s that?! The Boss snuck in when no one was looking and snatched the trsure from under everyone’s noses? There’s no way they’re going to let him have all that loot! The LINE Characters are hoppin’ mad, and now they’re off to ch the Boss, who made like a banana and split. That’s what Party Run is all about!

■Jump around and collect items!

The gameplay is extremely sy; just jump and collect items while dodging obstacles. Watch out for the bad guys that appr out of nowhere and use your moves to lp over pitfalls!

■When you’re low on energy, drink up to recover!

All that running around is bound to make anyone tired, and it also makes you lose . Drinks can restore your , so if you see one floating around, grab it quick! You also lose a lot of when you bump into enemies and other obstacles, so be careful when you’re jumping around.


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