Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Download [] Whoowasit? 1.00 Apk (Full Version)Free

Whoowasit? 1.00 Apk (Full Version)
Download Whoowasit? 1.00 Apk (Full Version) Free []
Download Whoowasit? 1.00 Apk (Full Version) New []

Whoowasit? 1.00 Apk (Full Version)

“Whoowasit?” is the digital adaptation of the “Children’s game of the Yr 2008” by the successful author Reiner Knizia. Now the fun tactical adventure full of mystery and magic is finally available on Android!

The king’s castle is in danger! The evil wizard has been seen nr the kingdom. Only the king’s magical ring can protect the castle, but it has disappred. Can you find the thief?

The children of the castle are the last hope. The animals have seen the thief: they want to help to ch him in order to get back the ring, and only the children can talk to them and understand them. A sharp eye and deduction skills are needed to solve this puzzle, as only together can the children track down the thief!

Careful thinking, strong tm play and working closely together are necessary for the small detectives to rch their goal. But watch out for the ghost! Can the kingdom be saved on time from the evil magician?


► Digital adaptation of the “Children’s game of the Yr 2008”.

► By the successful author Reiner Knizia.

► Interactive tutorial to sily start playing.

► Tmwork, tactics and powerful deduction skills are necessary to find the thief on time!

► Srch the castle, spk with the animals, open secret doors and find the magical ring.

► Play with up to 4 players at the same time on the same Device. Work together to save the kingdom!

► Chest mode: use your Device with the original “Whoowhasit” board game!

► No need to assemble: simply start the appliion to enter the magic world! And best of all: no need to put away the game once you have finished playing.


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